ALLY™ Incident Management

ALLY Incident Management

During an Incident

Whether you work in the Manufacturing, Transportation, Logistics, or in the Hospitality industry, your team can be subject to working in dangerous environments. With Ally, give your team the ability to seamlessly document your incidents.

But don’t stop there, with incident management software your team can store all reports in a centralized database, and even create and access data from a mobile device, providing a much more proactive approach to security - available all within one end-to-end unified team communications ecosystem.

Capture, Act and Analyze in Real-Time

Ally is a single, intuitive dispatch and incident management platform designed to capture and manage incident information in real time. This solution operates across multiple devices and provides users with the ability to analyze incident trends using easy, built - in reports, and act on improved insights for more security planning.

Simplify Security Operations with One Platform

Make the most of your records by attaching an unlimited number of images, documents, and audio and video files to incident records and log entries. Quickly access all critical data directly from any web-enabled device, seamlessly share information among personnel, and visually track trends in incident locations throughout your secured facilities. Enhance your team’s decision and situational awareness with Ally’s built-in analytics and reports.

Ally Advantages

  • Affordability
  • Ready-To-Use System
  • Improved Data Accuracy
  • Complete System Integration
  • Intuitive Design
  • Accurate Personnel Locations
  • Comprehensive, Searchable Records
  • Built-In Mobility

Ally Key Features

  • Incident and Records Management
  • Comprehensive Dispatching Tools
  • Communication with Smartphones and Radios
  • Digital Image, Video, and Record Storage
  • Location Mapping
  • Analytics with Heat Maps
  • Daily Activity Logging
  • Personnel Management with Training Records
  • Mass Notification
  • Customizable Tables and Fields

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