AVTEC™ Critical Voice Dispatch Platform

AVTEC Consoles

Dispatch Console Software for Businesses

Avtec’s pure IP platform integrates voice communications into one easy-to-use console. An open-standard design and customizable user interface make training and using Scout fast and intuitive.

Seamlessly Mobilize Your Workforce

Dispatch solutions are ready to help your team manage day-to-day activities more efficiently. The scalability of Avtec Scout makes it an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. Avtec Scout eliminates the need for time-consuming task assignment and tracking. It gives your team the ability to create tasks, assign them to employees, and track their completion status in real time. As a crucial piece of Motorola Solutions end-to-end unified team communications solution, seamlessly integrate Scout with two-way radios solutions, broadband push-to-talk systems, and telephony technologies already in use.

Scalable. Secure. Reliable. Proven.

Scout is the trusted choice in command and control communications with over 100 installations in Fortune 500 companies. The reliable, flexible solution has been successfully deployed in mining, pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, universities, casinos, and manufacturing applications.

AVTEC Advantages

  • Turn-key Communications
  • All IP System Architecture
  • Highly Configurable
  • Very Scalable
  • Extremely Flexible
  • Completely Reliable
  • Customizable GUI

AVTEC Key Features

  • Mix of Four Tiers
  • Fixed or Mobile
  • Completely Redundant
  • COTS IT Equipment

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